Temporary Membership Form   

It is now possible for a friend/family member/possible new club member to attend club events as a temporary member. To do so they will have to complete the Temporary Membership form and pay EUR 2 each time they wish to attend. At the bottom of the form is the usual CIA Disclaimer for insurance purposes which they should read before signing the form. The completed form should be given to a committee member.

If the person decides they would like to join the club, and the committee are in agreement, they will need to visit 3 times and then complete a full membership form and pay the joining fee plus the annual subscription. The EUR 6 which they will have already paid as a temporary member will be deducted from the joining amount.

Temporary membership is for Wednesday night meetings at the Old School House, any CIA events at one of our venues (eg Burns' Night) and for Pilates. For Pilates, members should first contact Jan Watkins to inform her and the final decision will be hers. Please note that Pilates is for adults only (minimum age 18).