July 5 2017,  Swedish Evening at St Paul
Photos by John

Questions, questions, questions........                                                   No drinks and they're smiling?

Did you hear the one about......?.                                                                       Cheers!

Hmmm, this one's hard. Where's Allan when you need him?                 Shazam! And there he is!

Five lots of "expert" advice must help with this......                                Where did that go?

The Evian Masters has got nothing on this!                                          Spot the flying boot!

Don't look up!                                                                       This is meant to be serious Jenny!

Well, it could be a Marijuana plant......                                                   "There's something in the air tonight....."

You want me to do WHAT?!!!                                                                 OK, I've got it into the air - now what?

The boot is on the other foot, er hand.....                                               Is it the technical style - or the socks?


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