Planned and unplanned activities, not included in the newsletters, general messages and other stuff.


Scottish dancing held in the Salle de Foot, Marin

Good for the exercise and concentration, but most of all we enjoy the challenge.
We meet on a Monday afternoon for about 2 hours. In the winter we start at 3 pm, in summer 4 pm.
Notice is given by e-mail of the upcoming session.
If you’ve never tried it before, come along and give it a whirl.
For more info please contact Di.



A pilates session is held every Monday between 10am-11.00am in the school at Marin.  You do not need to be a fitness fanatic to join, but just want some gentle exercise to help keep you supple and moving.  Neither do you have to be super fit.  A lot of our members have a "painful spot" but find that the pilates helps, and we do have a golden rule that states "if it hurts don't do it".

We have a lot of fun and some of us finish the session with coffee (and sometimes cake) in the boulangerie at Publier.

And sometimes the Pilates room is locked and nobody has the key......................

For more information contact Jan.